Is Ozzy really metal??

I know that is quite the crazy comment, but just hear me out.  I am not denying Ozzy as part of Sabbath was metal, but Ozzy solo, to me that is another question.  I vividly remember he first time I heard a solo Ozzy song and thinking to myself this is Ozzy???  This is the crazy, out of control, metal madman that I had heard so much about?!?!  The first song I heard was “I Don’t Know” from the classic, solo debut “Blizzard of Ozz”, and to me it just didn’t sound to me what I would have considered metal at all.  I am not denying the greatness of that album or any of his other albums, but looking back on them and thinking about it I always think, is this really metal?

Clearly Ozzy’s stature as a metal icon came from his days in Sabbath, and like I said before, there is no denying that fact.  I think after Ozzy left Sabbath and struck out on his own it was more the idea of Ozzy as a metal icon then the actual music itself, his behavior probably fueled this as well.  “Blizzard of Ozz”, “Diary of A Madman” & “Bark At The Moon”, Ozzy’s first three solo albums I think are all classic hard rock albums, but not really metal.  It feels like the more darker, heavier Ozzy came after he retired after the “No More Tears” album, and this “Prince of Darkness” persona started to really build up.  His comeback album “Ozzmosis” I feel is one of his darker albums and was a manifestation of the legend of Ozzy and that he was the “Prince of Darkness”.

I know Ozzy as a great artist and singer has been tainted over the past few years, especially with his foray into reality tv, but Ozzy is and was an integral part of the evolution of metal and of music in general, even if I consider his solo output to not be metal.

What are your thoughts??


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  1. Nick Karn

    I dunno. To me, the first few and best Ozzy albums are close to the same ballpark as Van Halen and Motley Crue (“Believer” for instance – that’s a total early VH intro if I’ve ever heard one), so if those two bands can’t be considered metal you’d have to eliminate a lot of others from the conversation. I hear enough similarities in style to the classic Sabbath albums in his stuff too, and “Children Of The Grave” or “Iron Man” definitely don’t sound out of place on his live albums. But I tend to group hard rock/metal together since there’s so much cross-influencing between bands in both genres anyway.

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