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New Discoveries

I wanted to share two pretty awesome new bands I recently discovered and their really good debut albums:

Beyond The Bridge- The Old Man And The Spirit & Neonfly- Outshine The Sun

Beyond The Bridge are a German progressive rock band that is full of professionally trained musicians and features both male and female vocals, Herbie Langhans from the band Sinbreed and jazz singer Dilenya Mar.  Their debut album, which of course in prog fashion is a concept album, is full of great musicianship, riffs, vocals and melodies.  I can’t stop listening to this album and I look forward to hearing more from this band in the future.

Neonfly- Outshine The Sun

Neonfly are sort of a mixture of power metal, melodic rock with a little progressive metal thrown in.  Every song is filled with power and melody, once I get done listening to this album I just want to hit repeat and hear it all over again the songs just get stuck in your head.  This is a great young band which hopefully will continue to keep growing and just get better and better.



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