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Musical Themes

So sometimes I like to be giant nerd when I listen to music and will create some sort of theme. I have been trying to be better about listening to more full albums rather than having my ipod or itunes on shuffle all the time, so creating these themes for myself has helped and I listened to a bunch of albums throughout the week. I tried to listen to 4 albums to complete the themes and I wanted to share these themes and also a few thoughts on some of what I enjoyed this week.

For some reason Monday felt like a classic Prog Rock kind of day, this was maybe due to the fact that I had just got the new Nektar album a few days before and this made me what to go back and listen to some older Nektar albums.  So, Nektar started off my Monday morning listening with their 1975 concept album “Recycled”. The album is a 36 minute suite with many recurring melodies throughout.  And that’s one of the things I have always enjoyed about their music, very catchy melodies to go along with great musicianship, which is on display here with mainman Roye Albrighton’s great guitar work.  I’ll talk a little bit more about Nektar a little later, as they appear again in a different theme.

 Recycled - album cover

Nektar was followed by the self-titled debut album from supergroup U.K..  “U.K.”  was released in 1978 and featured an all star cast of musicians, including Bill Bruford on drums, Allan Holdsworth on guitar, John Wetton on bass and vocals and Eddie Jobson on keyboard and violins.  I have to admit the first few times I had listened to this album it really didn’t do too much for me, but I have found after subsequent listens that I enjoy it more and more, it has a nice mixture of prog rock and jazz fusion that I enjoy and some nice vocals by John Wetton.  

U.K. - album cover

Next up was the 1976 album “Wing & Wuthering” by Genesis, for some reason this is an album I never really took too much time with.  It was the second release post Peter Gabriel and the last with Steve Hackett.  I could still do without “Your Own Special Way”, but it’s not terrible, and it could be because of the placement on the album, it just doesn’t seem to flow. But there are some great songs on here like, “One For The Vine” & “Eleventh Earl Of Mar”.

Wind & Wuthering - album cover

 I ended my 4 pack theme with another album from 1976 “World Record” by Van Der Graff Generator, I mainly listened to this because I love the 20 minute epic “Meurglys III, The Songwriter’s Guild”.  To me this album is very, very underrated and does not get the same mention as say “Pawn Hearts” or “Godbluff”, but I think it is just a good.  Plus, there is just something about Peter Hammill’s vocals and songwriting, they may be one of my favorite classic prog bands.  

World Record - album cover

I will continue with the rest of my themes on another post, they include some recent 2013 releases and a day filled my some new sleaze/glam hard rock.


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